North Liverpool Partnership website
North Liverpool Teaching Partnership - The site was developed with a built-in Content Management System allowing the 5 partner organisations to add and alter content at will without damaging the integrity of the site. An on-line calendar was also built into the site allowing visitors to see what training or talks were coming up. A mobile-friendly version of the site can be viewed via tablets and mobile phones.

Recruting for Care website
Recruiting for Care - This Responsive site was designed for a recruitment company who wanted to get away from the more typical use of stock photography. We approached illustrator Sophie Green to develop character designs for use on the site. The sliders at the top of the site alter to allow for messages to be displayed.

Elan Medical webite
Elan Medical - Elan wanted a simple site with easy navigation. Most of their target audience used desktop computers to browse the site and so a Responsive site at this stage was not requested. Clear information displayed in an attractive way was the agreed solution.

Everton Nursery School website
Everton Nursery School and Family Centre - We were approached to create a site that had to contain a large amount of information. Clear navigation mixed with a Dyslexia-friendly background colour were used to help make the site as inclusive as possible. A mobile-friendly version of the site allows visitors to browse via tablets and mobiles phones. A Content Management System was also added to allow for updating on a regular basis from key staff members with password access.
Regular use of Social Media and a Blog have helped increase traffic to the site as well as ensure good communications between users and the the Nursery and Family Centre.

Barrow Street dental Website
Barrow Street Dental Practice - This simple site combines on-site photography with easy navigation and geo-location meta tags to improve the SEO of the site. Analytics show a marked increase in traffic to the site resulting in more calls and appointments being made. If further data gathered shows an increase in traffic via smart phone or tablet technology we will look at redeveloping the site in a Responsive way.

Pasted Graphic 5
Low Barn Cottage - This simple low-cost site with excellent photography supplied by the clients themselves shows what can be achieved with a basic site design. Geo-location meta tags have helped increase traffic to the site.